lake fog


" I have been a client of Katherine Sohigian's since I was released from hospital and rehab facilities in February,2008, after six months. I was near death, but luckily survived. However I had to learn to walk again. Weekly acupuncture treatments with Katherine have been an integral part of my recovery, along with consistent physical therapy. She has also given me herbs that allow me to sleep, and others that strengthen my immune system. I know that I would be nowhere near as recovered as I am without her skillful ministrations each week. I had never before had acupuncture and was a bit apprehensive, but Katherine's manner and her wonderful technique put me at ease right from the first. "


"K. B.- Brentwood, CA"



" I have had consistently immediate and positive responses to Katherine's treatments. She has treated me for a variety of medical issues, some chronic and some short-term, and each time my symptoms have lessened, then disappeared. I can't recommend her highly enough! "


"S.W. - Los Angeles, CA"



"I get acute allergies to pollens, with sinus head aches and congestion. The acupuncture treatments for my sinuses did wonders, promptly opening up my sinus passages, and relieving the pressure in my head and letting me breathing normally again."


"N.W.- Los Angeles, CA"