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Katherine Sohigian found TCM while studying Taoist arts at the Taoist Institute in North Hollywood CA. There she learned Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong. She also studied Taoism through reading and lectures. Special programs introduced Katherine to the Taoist healing arts. Through the institute, Katherine visited Chinese masters in San Francisco and received energetic healing treatments. Over the years, she explored many healing methods, but none were as effective for her personally as Traditional Chinese Medicine. She left a career as a CPA/MBA to bring the healing and restoration power of TCM to Westerners.


Katherine Sohigian earned her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University in Marina Del Rey, California. She lives in Venice, CA with her husband Michael, her son Adam & her cats George and Lyle. In addition to her passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine, she enjoys singing, hiking, skiing, reading and gardening.